Goals of Canine Commandos Inc are to:

● Extend the Program into 20 percent of the school districts in the United States;

● Extend the Program into the State University and College Systems in the United States;

● To dramatically increase the number of shelter animals adopted;

● To provide emphatic life skills training to thousands of elementary level students nationally;

● To provide dog and cat socialization in shelters and animal control facilities nationally;

● To create a sustainable product base, growing with creativity, innovation and technology; which has years of potential continued growth;

● To write and update learning and program operations materials for students, teachers, administrators, and shelters;

● To coordinate the national structure, provide on site training, development and support !

Canine Commandos is gearing up to grow !

Come join Team Canine Commandos ! !

Canine Commandos would appreciate volunteers and retired teachers everywhere to help, as becoming a nonprofit and expanding is a lot of work.

Teachers are excellent writers and Canine Commandos could use your help with a huge list of educational materials, student instruction books, and information manuals. Aim Humane could use you to teach students at the shelters using our ready-made lessons. Wouldn't it be great to work with the kids again?

Canine Commandos would love expert social media marketers, grant writers, sales, or artists. Canine Commandos has a role for YOU !

The Canine Commandos Program will be expanding nationally.  Please share this with friends and colleagues !

Please contact me if you would like to be part of this unique program helping kids help shelter dogs and cats!


Virginia Hamilton,

​President and CEO 

Canine Commandos Inc.​​

PO Box 360861, Melbourne,  FL 32936