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Olivia and Korra

Out of the sixteen dogs I loved (the one who I didn't barked at my hair) Korra was the sweetest and the one who liked me best. She was brought in earlier that day by a single mother who had a two- year- old and couldn't give her dog enough attention. We got Korra on a trial period of seven days, a "slumber party" where you could return the dog if they weren't working out. We brought Korra home at 5:00 on December 27, 2016. The first thing that I noted about Korra was her soft ears and head. When we'd gotten into the car and were driving home we noticed that she had an under-bite! 
Korra and Sonny, our Jack Russel Terrier mix, took a couple days to get used to each other but now they are the best of friends and play together all the time.

Bear was taken home on February 1, 2016 by the Cochran Family.  Mrs. Cochran found him when her 6th graders were at Brevard Human Society clicker training dogs.  She saw Bear and fell in love.  On the way back to school, she texted her husband a picture of Bear to ask if the family could adopt him and Mr. Cochran said YES!  Bear had heartworms and needed to some extra care to get well.  He was fostered

by our family until he was heartworm free

and then adopted when he was well again. 

He is a great addition to our family and can

usually be found cuddling in a family member’s

lap.  The pictures show a difference of 7 hours

in the life of an adopted dog! 

Welcome to the Success Stories Page!

Here you will find stories of adoptions, successes in training, and happy events for Canine Commandos

Since the animal shelter has become a no-kill facility due to the fantastic work of Sheriff Wayne Ivey and team, there is an incredible air of professionalism and treatment of the dogs and cats waiting for adoption.  

The animals are adopted into forever homes thanks in part to the efforts and devotion of Mrs. Virginia Hamilton and her students! 

My great niece, a student of Mrs. Hamilton’s and I have looked forward to fifth grade to qualify for the Canine Commandos. I am so impressed with the many learning opportunities this brings to the students.  Advanced planning and preparation of the dog trips and treats, working together in teams to train the dogs, following instructions of the teacher and dog trainer and seeing first hand the results of mishandling one of God’s creations.

I applaud Mrs. Hamilton, her students, and Indialantic Elementary School for giving our future leaders this unique opportunity. 

Mary Lou Dunsford
Parent Volunteer

Mary Lou Dunsford and Gumby (adopted!)

Bear and the Cochran Family

When I see ASPCA ads it makes me want to cry. Over the Christmas break I wanted to donate to some form of canine protection service.                                                        

As a family we decided to donate to the local shelter because I   participated in the Canine Commandos through K.W.E.S.T. at Indialantic Elementary. On December twenty-sixth we made our donation and then unexpectedly met a dog who we couldn't leave behind. The  Canine Commandos made this dog feel so special to me because I know how these dogs in cages must feel.

Korra, who at the time was named Koko, was the last in her row of the seventeen dogs in the shelter at that time.

Logan and Luna